Inter.net Canada Fair Share Policy strives to provide its customers with a better Internet experience for everyone. The guidelines within this Policy specifically apply for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) users only. If you do not use P2P servers or applications, this policy may not apply to you.

Inter.net Canada, like many Internet providers in Canada, may from time to time be required to manage its network so that no application, service or user consumes more than their Fair Share of bandwidth which may impede the use and enjoyment of other users.

Inter.net Canadas Fair Share Policy is set out to improve every users online experience. For example, improved performance can be noted with: ‘Real-Time’ Browser Applications, Email Applications, Instant Messaging (IM), Online Gaming, Internet Radio, Streaming Video from Youtube etc., as well, ‘client-server’ download services like iTunes, Mac Software Updates and Microsoft Windows Updates to name a few.

Inter.net Canada is working hard to provide a better Internet experience for all Canadians. Fair Share dynamically modifies policies to balance available bandwidth and resources so valued customers get better Internet service - at all times. Fair Share automatically responds to the changing network environment and subscriber usage patterns in real-time to ensure customers are always getting the fastest speeds possible. During peak times (4:30 P.M. to 2 A.M. EST.), customers may experience extended download or upload times when using Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing. The current upload/download rate speeds for P2P file-sharing usage are decreased at the beginning of the peak period with a maximum network P2P traffic allowance set at 150Mbps. Outside of this period, normal speeds can be expected for all P2P applications. These end-users may consider running their P2P file sharing application longer to complete their P2P uploading or downloading activities or consider using P2P file sharing applications during the off-peak periods when there is no scheduled traffic management.

The Fair Share Policy is in place to ensure the best quality of Internet is available to the maximum number of users. Inter.net Canada will update this policy as required from time to time.