ACCELERATED ACCESS Canada has partnered with Slipstream Data to offer you Accelerated Access. The technology works by compressing image and text data on the Internet and then opening the data only once it has reached your computer. This allows the data to travel to your computer more quickly. Accelerated Access also includes valuable features such as a Pop-up Blocker – so annoying pop-up ads won’t bother you while you’re surfing the web. Accelerated Access is also now available for both PC and MAC users.


To enjoy Canada's super-fast High Speed Internet service, you’ll need to meet these basic High Speed Internet connection Equipment and Software requirements:


  • 200 MHz PC with 32 MB of RAM or better
  • Windows 98 or higher
  • Ethernet (network) connection on your computer


  • 128 MB of RAM or better
  • Mac OSX or higher
  • Ethernet (network) connection on your computer


Access your account information, change your passwords, pay statements and more.