How do I make calls with my two-stage long distance package?

Do make calls with your long distance package, you first need to dial the access number then listen to the prompt to dial your destination number. If you're using a mobile phone, only press ‘send’ when dialing the access number and do not press send again after dialing the destination.

What will the destination see on their caller ID when I call them?

Your own caller ID will always pass through to the person you are calling. This way they will always know it's you calling since your number won't be hidden or masked in anyway.

Can I block my caller ID?

Unfortunately you are not able to block your caller ID.

Why do I occasionally hear an "invalid number" error?

Often times the invalid number error is heard if you miss a number or two when dialing, or if your phone or phone line is not properly transmitting the Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) back to our servers. If this problem happens, be sure to try calling from a different telephone before calling support.

Why do I hear a busy signal after I dial my destination number?

Often times this means that the destination is actually busy - it's best to wait a while and then try calling them again. If after a few spread out attempts you still cannot get through, please call our customer support line and we will be glad to investigate this for you.

Is there a time limit on my calls? Canada provides unlimited long distance services - we do not impose any time limits or restrictions on your calls.

What should I do when experiencing complications with a call?

If you're experiencing troubles with a call, we always recommend trying the call on another phone just to rule out a defective handset. If the troubles still persist, then please call our customer support team and we can assist in resolving your issue. Note that the average turnaround time on a ticket is 24-48hrs.

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